Dancepoem: Behind the scenes

As part of my work-in-progress project Heteroglossia, I had a vision of a dancepoem which would be a discussion of the two arts, bringing together a dialogue between The Moon and The Sun, between the male and female force. I was very fortunate to work with the dancer Chris Bradley on this project, who produced a beautiful choreography to accompany the Diglossia poem I had written for this. We rehearsed at the Westbury Arts Centre and then filmed the dance in the nearby barn. Here are  some pictures from the shooting day.

We didn't have much filming equipment: only one light projector, one ladder and two heaters (we filmed on a cold February morning!)

The dance was filmed with an iphone 5S on a self-made tripod (using an old broomstick attached to the phone :)

The video was initially edited in Windows Media Maker. We then added the sound and the filter using iMovie.

   And here is the final video, enjoy :)


And here is the final video, enjoy :)

A version of this blog was featured by Woven Tale Press in March 2017.