My poems appeared in a number of poetry journals and magazines including Acumen, Atticus Review, Atrium, Allegro, Canopic Jar, Envoi, Glasgow Review of Books, Jellyfish Whispers, Ofi Press, Openings (Open University), Poetry Ireland Review, Peacock Journal;  as well as anthologies (Wheel of the Stars-Ver Poets; Story of Us-Mother's Milk Books). Here is a short taster:

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"Emily" in Acumen, "Brainchild" in Allegro Poetry Magazine; "Renascence" in Envoi;  "At the STudent Union Cafe Bar" in Atrium; "The making of love" & "Winter lovesong" in Nutshells & Nuggets. "Soldiers Graves" published by Glasgow Review of Books. "Jailbird" in Visual Verse. "Train Journey" in Canopic Jar. "Sea Glass" by Ofi Press. "Thymus serpyllum" & "Lovers in autumn" in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, "Timeless Seduction" in South Poetry (Issue 55). "Intertwined" in Atticus Review, “Oranges are the Only Fruit” in Poetry Ireland Review. My poem for Paul Graney: "Birdsong, traffic and church bells in Alexandra Park " was selected for Archives+ at Manchester Central Library.

I enjoy incorporating poetry into daily experiences and sometimes write short poems for food packaging (.e.g.,  Clearspring Ltd who do delicious rice cakes) or for Kallo as shown here.

Here is a video extract from my reading at the Troubadour "London’s liveliest and best–loved poetry landmark since the 1950s."  In October, 2015, I read 7 poems from my pamphlet Autumn Dedications.


A selection of my poems translated by Anna Franova-Visnovska are available from Poetica.fr. My poem 'La Maison C'est des Mains' was published by Le Monde. An evening dedicated to my poems in French was held at the Festival Cap a l'Est in 2015.


A selection of poems translated by Mrs and Mr Stahl appeared in the journal Der literarische Zaunkoenig,


A poetic translation of the poem Royal Beauty is available from here. 


A selection of my poems from the pamphlet Autumn Dedications was translated by Mariana Gardner to Romanian, and was published in Banchetul, March 2017 and in Pro-Saeculum (see p. 185), March, 2017.

We thought we could square the circle of love, 

give it corners in which to hide our past,

but instead, we unsealed an orange triangle.

This love does not belong to us, or anyone else.

This love splinters into billions of raindrops,

molecules, stuff of the universe.


I loved you so much that I let you fly

on the wings of my thoughts.

I made space in the tiny corners

of my mind, so that you could see

the special angle I take when I write.

Without you, my thoughts became homeless.

-        Until I found poems.

                                                      from Autumn Dedications, 2016



Short video recordings from some of my performances in English, Slovak and French are available from vimeo.


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