Full poetry collection originally written in Slovak, translated by John Minahane into English & by Inge & Peter Stahl into German

In 2013, I won the national competition by the publisher Cakanka which led to the publication of my first full collection entitled 'A butterfly's trembling in the digital age'. All poems are in Slovak, accompanied by some beautiful photographs taken by Ajvonka and Samuel Juris.  The book can be bought from all good bookshops in Slovakia, or online at Martinus.  Book Review is here and readers' reviews are on this site.

Colours of the Swan

Pamphlet with Kate Wyatt's paintings

Kate is an artist and illustrator, one of the UK's leading wildlife painters with work in many galleries throughout the world and in private collections. Her brown hare, Ellen, was recently featured on BBC2. 

In Colours of the Swan,  Kate and I come together juxtaposing our two mediums, creating a piece of art which celebrates the connections between magic and life, colours and words, freedom to imagine and obligation for authentic representation. 


Pictures are from our joint poetry-visual art exhibition at the 5th Base Gallery in London, September, 2015.



Poems dedicated to “all those who have known the painfully raw experience of losing someone who they deeply loved”. 


Poems dealing with loss, grief and love.