One of the key markers of the 21st century is the tension between pluralisation and personalisation (or multiplicity versus localisation). I like to explore this tension through the lens of heteroglossia (multiple voices, as defined by Mikhail Bakhtin).  My heteroglossic endeavours seek to leverage multimedia to enrich traditional arts. Multimedia afford multiple entry points into a poem and 

Filmpoetry has grown into a new poetic genre, and I have enjoyed being part of the poetryfilm community since 2010. I teach and create filmpoetry for international audiences.

Can dance and poems move in one rhythm? To become is to understand, so I've been learning to become a dancer myself. Others have adapted my poems for their choreographies.

I've been inventing poetic lyrics for single-instrument songs, especially for piano songs since young age. Muscipoetry combines my favourite poems with piano or harp.