Multimedia afford multiple entry points into a poem.
— Eleni Cay

My filmpoems are regularly screened at poetry festivals and have received several awards including:

Dublin, UK (IndieCork Film Festival 2015)

Worcester, USA (Doublebunny video poetry contest 2015)

London, UK (Elbow Room Prize 2015)

Brighton , UK(Lighthouse filmpoem competition 2015)

Athens , Greece (4th International Video poetry festival, 2015 & 2016)

Bath, UK  (Liberated Words at Bath Fringe Festival 2016)

Lisbon, Portugal (Silence festival, 2016)

O'Bheal International Poetry-Film Competition (2017)

Filmpoem Festival (Lewes, Open Competition winners, 2017)

I have run a free workshop for The Poetry School  "Make Your Own Filmpoem" -contact me for details.

Intertwined was a collaboration with Beyon (Canada) and is featured by Button Poetry.

I created this multimedia poem with help from MultiMediaMusicMaker, Simon Bradford. Click here

My essay about poetryfilms 'Poetryfilms: when poetry and film have a flirt' was published by Poetryfilmkanal Weimar. Full text is also on my blog page.

My first multimedia poem, created with Microsoft Power Point.

My first children's poem :) Original watercolour painting by Kate Wyatt and Tony Barker.

I used the Prezi software for this poem, looking to create an elusive feeling blurring the boundaries between content and form. Link here

This filmpoem is for all those who are frustrated that their partners love their phones more than the time they can spend together!