What is a "DANCEPOEM"? 

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I have created a Living Book about dancepoetry, as part of my ongoing efforts to enrich contemporary poetry with new art forms and diverse voices.

It is not a manifesto and it not a manual for dancepoems. Rather, I seek to promote the emergent nature of this fascinating new genre, create conversation and excitement around it and share inspirational practice. Join the community!

Dancepoem with Mbi Dickson, London, 2017.

My poem 'Des larmes sur une pierre humide' has been adopted for a beautiful dance performance in France. The poem is a call for humanity and was translated from Slovak to French by Anna Franova-Visnovska. Watch the moving choreography made by the talented NJ Movie, danced by a group of French students from #StrasbourgIs there a better way for poems to cross borders?

A dancepoem choreographed by Chris Bradley.

Dancepoem, with Ed Swift, Dual Focus Media and Cloud Aerial Arts in Manchester. Music provided by The Theorist (Jessie Ware's piano cover).